Magic Man Horse Twitch


How long can I leave the twitch on my horse?

Answer: I would not like to see the twitch in place much longer than five minutes. If you need more time I would undo the twitch, that is just loosen it partially for just a minute and then re-tighten it and finish your work.

Can I put the twitch on too tight?

Answer: Yes you can, horses may after a couple of minutes of having the twitch on too tightly, strike out with both front feet.

They are obviously trying too let you know that they are very uncomfortable and this could be very dangerous to you. You should never stand directly in front of the horse as you put the twitch on or even after it has been put on. They can obviously hurt or even kill you if their hooves strike you directly in the head.

Will my horse resent being twitched?

Answer: Horses generally do not like to be twitched, however, if placed on gently it will certainly allow you to get your work done, whatever that may be, much quicker than without the twitch.

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