Magic Man Horse Twitch

How To Use

If you are working on your horse by yourself and need some better co-operation from your horse for trimming, clipping or any other restraint issues you can simply place the Magic Man Twitch on the muzzle and clip the snap into the side cheek ring of the halter and you now have both hands free to carry on your work.

The Magic Man Twitch is the easiest one man or hands free twitch on the market.

  • Always place the one-man horse twitch on the horses muzzle very gently to start your work.
  • If it appears the horse needs more distraction then simply apply another turn and re-attach to the halter cheek ring.

For best results always apply gently and slowly for the best horse restraint.

Good luck with your new no-hands equine twitch.

Step-By-Step Instructions

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